Teeth Whitening

Create a youthful-looking, beautiful smile with teeth whitening treatment.

Various lifestyle factors can discolour your teeth, giving your smile an aged, unhealthy looking appearance. These include:

  • Coffee, tea and red wine
  • Highly coloured foods
  • Smoking
  • Aging
  • Some medications

At Jansz Dental, we can whiten your teeth in surgery or with a take home kit.

Tooth whitening is a non-invasive treatment that can improve your smile by lightening the shade of your natural teeth. This treatment works by penetrating the tiny holes in your tooth enamel that trap everyday stains, and removes these with the use of a peroxide based gel.

In Surgery Teeth Whitening

This treatment can whiten your teeth several shades lighter in one to two hours. During your appointment our dental team will determine which treatment is best suited to your individual needs, and will protect your gums and soft tissue throughout the entire procedure.

At Home Teeth Whitening

Whilst at home whitening can take up to two weeks to achieve your desired results, this can be a great treatment for people who wish to control the whitening results they achieve, or to maintain their in surgery whitening treatment. At our dental practice based on we can create a custom whitening tray that is used to hold the peroxide whitening gel. These trays are worn for a period of time each night to achieve a brilliant white smile.

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